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Audax Trading

Discover the origin, mission and vision of Audax Trading: the only investment company that offers 100% security of your funds with Allianz insurance.

The Future

The Audax Trading Limited platform was launched in 2022 to offer our clients large profits during the uncertain times of high inflation and declines in the cryptocurrency market. Our ambitious, mostly young and growth-oriented team based in United Kingdom and New Zealand is constantly working to improve and expand our investment platform.


Our management team consists of people with deep experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of banking and financial product development, risk and asset management, as well as cryptocurrencies and gold.

  • Michael Young

    Chief Executive Officer and Founder

  • Krisina Guerra

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Valentina Tipura

    Chief Financial Officer

Company Documnets

The most important certificates of Audax Trading Limited

Insured Capital

Safety is our top priority. In addition to the many security features available, bankruptcy insurance can refund you 100% of your capital in the event of losses due to company bankruptcy or other random events.

Legal Company

Audax Trading Limited is a company registered in United Kingdom and New Zealand. Click and check our United Kingdom registration certificate.

Legal Company

Audax Trading Limited is a company registered in United Kingdom and New Zealand. Click and check our New Zealand registration certificate.

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Our Values

At Audax Trading Limited tradition and innovation go hand in hand. We learn from the past and look to the future. This approach allows us to open up new horizons, while ensuring the security, stability and reliability of our platform.

  • Transparency: All our deposit and withdrawal transactions are visible to every user. This is to be as transparent as possible
  • Availability: our platform is available to any investor from anywhere in the world
  • Looking to the future: We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies, that's why we place our greatest hopes on them

Our Mission

Audax Trading Limited makes earning and investing in cryptocurrencies child's play and available to anyone, even without investment knowledge. Our team strives to make investing as affordable as possible for every user in the world.


Our Vision

We combine tradition and breakthrough. Thanks to the ease of use of our investment platform, completely zero commission and our security protocols, we offer our users the best and Allianz insurance ensures that you do not take any risk when investing with us.


Our Team

Audax Trading Limited employees are carefully selected and selected on the basis of their professional skills and commitment. Our goal is to create a team of specialists who love their work, like to improve their skills, absorb knowledge and help others.

Build the Future With Us

We have always been looking for ambitious people with a passion for cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and all digital technologies. You don't have to be our employee to become one of us. Each user who actively recommends us becomes our partner. Check what benefits await our partners.

  • Instant commission payouts
  • Individual referral commission
  • Fast Support
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