An overview of the steps we take to ensure the security and reliability of Audax Trading Limited.

is our

Keeping your funds safe is our highest priority. Audax Trading Limited and our team of specialists follow strict security protocols established by our management; From how we manage funds to how we screen our employees. We always follow our procedures because only they guarantee 100% safety of your funds

Your Account

Protect access to your account by enabling two-factor authentication, create complex passwords, and do not share your data with third parties. Protect your funds wisely and always use the portal from a trusted device. Follow these rules, your funds will be safe for sure.

The Platform

In order to protect your data, funds and the general availability of the platform, we use all possible security measures to ensure security. We monitor user and employee logins and regularly undergo external penetration tests.

certificate of insurance

Legal Company

TThe subject of insurance is the financial interests of Audax Trading Limited and its investors related to possible losses incurred in connection with one of the following random events:

  • Closing of Audax Trading Limited
  • Crash in the cryptocurrency markets
  • Closing of the stock exchange
  • Cryptocurrency outlawing
  • The company founder is arrested
  • Fraudulent operations inside company
  • Providing fraud / fake information for investors
  • War, civil unrest, mass disorder in the country of investment

Cold Storage

The vast majority of your digital assets are stored in offline cold wallets in secure locations. Access to the wallets is regulated by strict security protocols


Audax Trading Limited creates backups of critical data in banking-grade vaults with 24/7 monitoring. Our vaults meet the highest security standards in Europe as well as New Zealand.

Multi Signature

Large transfers can only be initiated by a select group of executive team members and always require manual verification and approval from multiple people.

Asset Safety


Audax Trading Limited has partnered with two leading fiduciary services to store the vast majority of its digital assets on external cold wallets that require multiple signatures to initiate a transfer.

  • Custody providers insured up to $100 million
  • Vast majority of assets in cold storage
  • Multisignature access required for transfers

Located in the 2 Countries

Audax Trading Limited is located in United Kingdom and New Zealand. We are subject to AML and GDPR regulations. Through Allianz, a fund for our Partners was established in the event of the bankruptcy of Audax Trading Limited.

Verified Employees

All our employees have passed a background check and presented a certificate of good conduct. Our executive team regularly holds security seminars to make sure all employees comply with security best practices.

Security Audits

Our security measures are checked on an ongoing basis by many specialized IT security companies, and penetration tests are regularly carried out in order to try to break into our systems. With each major code change, this process is repeated to maintain the resilience and security of Audax Trading Limited's systems.

Account Protection

Secure your

Audax Trading Limited offers users many options for securing their account and funds. Optional security settings are presented and communicated as clearly as possible to ensure our users are well protected against security incidents.

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Device & IP Management
  • Anti-Phishing Protection
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